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"Open Road"

(featuring Russ Freeman) - Can you believe this super-group, still as innovative as ever, was founded by Russ Freeman back in 1985?  Now well past the 30 year mark, with 22 albums to their credit, all of which earned top 5 status on Billboard and 5 actually reaching #1, you'd think the boys might be content with a greatest hits collection and a lot of golf.


With Open Road they bring it full-force, with the enthusiasm of youngsters and the finesse of guys who know what a Grammy nomination feels like. Russ Freeman is simply a master at combining a musical menagerie of influences, from pop and rock to EDM and R&B. It's all here as fresh and fun as ever!

'Silver Arrows' (the lead-off single) flirts as it flies with electronica and world rhythms combined. 'Follow The Stars' showcases Brandon Fields's sassy sax. 'Before Sunrise' is funky Freeman all the way.  And the title track makes you want to roll down the windows, cranks up the tunes and hit the 'Open Road' ... driving music at its finest!

If you're a romantic like me you will love 'Luca' with its gorgeous guitar making Mediterranean magic. I could listen to Mr. Freeman play this all night, preferably seaside with a bottle of Chianti. 

The Rippingtons are still ripping it, there's no doubt. These crazy cats (check out their mascot) are back with a winner!

Vickie van Dyke

Morning Host


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