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Caught In The Groove
We're all looking for happy music these days, right? Something upbeat, smooth and grooving. And with his new album "Caught In The Groove" Nils delivers on all counts. The Munich native showcases his intense love of funk and fusion on every track, taking us along on a musical ride guaranteed to brighten our days.
The title track sets the mood with a playful vibe that doesn't quit. "Above The Clouds" settles into a pensive push - that sexy soulfulness ready for steamy summer nights. "Life Is What You Make It' is the ideal anthem for these troubled times. You'll be swaying to the groove all night long. And "My Mornings With You" slows things down to a sweet, simple ode to life's perfectly pure pleasures. I think it's my favourite.
Nils has a pedigree a mile long and it includes working with George Benson, Rick Braun, The Temptations and Chante Moore. He counts Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Larry Carlton and Nile Rodgers among his influences. Eclectic ... yes. Infectious (in the good way) ... yes. Smooth groove guitar at its finest ... yes.
And did you know you can take lessons from the master himself? Check his website for details. Maybe it's time for YOU to get caught in the groove?
Vickie van Dyke
Morning Host 

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