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One World

Sting composed the 80’s song of hope and unity, One World (Not Three), with a heavy reggae influence.  That same reggae sound can be found in One World, the new studio release by 80’s singer, Billy Ocean.  He’s teamed up again with his longtime collaborator, Barry J. Eastmond (Anita Baker, Freddie Jackson) for 12 original songs that revolve around the meaning of love, both in personal relationships and as applied to the entire human race.  The lead single, 'We Gotta Find Love", finds Billy and Barry laying down that great groove they are known for and writing lyrics that shine light on people's everyday challenges, advocating that we find love in order to live with each other in this world.  The Beatles said it right - 'All You Need Is Love'!  Maybe listening to the Beatles and ‘Love Me Do” as a teenager in East London via Trinidad in the 60’s helped develop his incredible songwriting talent.  Melody and lyrics for his very first hit "Love Really Hurts Without You", came to him quickly, while messing around on a piano he got from a neighbour.  It went to number two in England and number 22 in America!  However, despite reaching his height of popularity in ’88, he decided to leave that all behind and get off the road to spend time with his kids and wife.  But his urge to make music again gave us 2009’s Because I Love You. The vibrancy of New York and Manchester, where the album was recorded, is reflected in songs like "When I Saw You".   All these songs are reminiscent of the slick dance grooves and melodies of Billy’s 80’s hits.  It’s something he picked up by listening to Sam Cooke and Nat King Cole on late night radio while in Trinidad.  He says he was attracted to the melodies but never understood the lyrics. It's the melodies that meant so much to him.  Other upbeat highlights on the new album include "Feel The Love" and "Daylight", delivering a calypso mix of horns, drums and Billy’s heavenly voice.  He’s still the king of uplifting songs - just like he was when he got the early morning crowd going at the U.S Live Aid concert in 1984.  Just Billy, a backing track and a mic- and almost 90,000 people dancing in the morning sun.  Only Billy Ocean could pull that off!  He turned 70 earlier this year and says he has no plans to retire.  He told Rolling Stone magazine this year that “the thing I’m best at in life is making music and I intend to keep doing it.”  We look forward to being uplifted with more positive vibes, Billy.

Gary James

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