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Sunset In The Blue

It's the tone. It's all about her tone. When I hear Melody Gardot sing I imagine a darkened studio, a microphone and her lips gently caressing it as she breathes life into every note. Every note is intimate. A musical secret shared between the chanteuse and me. Or you.

Sunset In The Blue, the new album from Melody Gardot, is an international feast of epic yet intimate proportions. "From Paris With Love" is gloriously symphonic and yet when Ms. Gardot sings, the warmth is never lost.  "C'est Magnifique" (featuring Antonio Zambujo) most certainly is. Magnificent. So lush and rich, yet still so very confidential. The title track continues the trend - soft, sensual and soothing.

Weirdly, if you are streaming the album you won't find the Gardot/Sting duet Little Something, a Latin-flavoured gem written by guitarist Dominic Miller. You'll have to buy the album for that one (or hear it on The Wave).

You will get two of my all-time favourite songs - "Moon River" and "I Fall In Love Too Easily". With both these tracks, the quintessential Melody Gardot stamp is evident. The simplicity is so seductive it becomes complicated. Or maybe complex is a better word? Again, it's all about the tone.

Sunset In The Blue was recorded at London's Abbey Road studios, the first production to emerge after England's initial Covid lockdown. Musicians from all over the world were invited to participate "virtually" and the end result is musical magic. Ms Gardot says, “During these complicated times, collaboration is the only saving grace for us musicians. While I recognize it is a big switch from my usual musical genre, I loved having the chance to challenge myself with something new. That’s what music is all about.”

Beautiful song choices. Beautiful orchestrations. Beautiful collaborations. But in the end, with Melody Gardot it is all about the tone. Her tone. She is truly one in a million.

Vickie van Dyke

Morning Host

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