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Joy Joy!

Did you know that pink is my favourite colour? And jazz is my favourite music? So when you combine Pink and Jazz what do you get? My favourite EVERYTHING!

Jazz In Pink is just the coolest, grooviest, funkiest, world-renowned, all-female band EVER!  Based in Los Angeles, Jazz In Pink delivers the musical goods big-time, mixing jazz with soul, R&B, groove,a touch of rock, some symphonic surges and some hip hop undertones. It's all there and it is all awesome!

Led by keyboardist Gail Jhonson (and yes, that is the correct spelling of her name), these divine dames have just released Joy! - a collection of ten pearly pink jazzy gems. Straight out of the gate, "Keystroke" (the kickoff single) bounces like a beautiful balloon. Kim Scott shows up on "Positivity," positively bringing flutey pink power to the ensemble. And there's also an infusion of "blue" with both Marion Meadows ("All That Jazz") and Kim Waters (Joy Joy!) lending their considerably saxy talents. 

But these lovely ladies are just fine on their own. "Come for Me" is one of my favourites - slowing down the groove with sultry seductiveness. "Roll Out" rocks on (smoothly) with the best of them and the final track, "Smoother," is just that - smooth as silk and as satiny as it gets. I'm thinking pink satin ...

Jazz In Pink is a welcome infusion of girl-power in what can be, at times, a male-dominated musical genre. Smooth On, ladies ... and thanks for pinking up the musical landscape!

Vickie van Dyke

Morning Host 

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