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Diversity Volume 2

I have known Rob for so long I feel like HIS musical journey has been MY musical journey too. That is why I am absolutely thrilled with his Diversity collection, a four album set showcasing the best of Mr. Tardik over the years ... and some new music too! If you missed Diversity Volume 1, it was all about "Smooth and Chill" (with songs like "Once In A Lifetime", "Diamond Night" and one of my all-times faves, "Kimberley's Song," written for Rob's wife.

Diversity #2 invites us into the world of Contemporary Funky Jazz ... just up The Wave's alley! The lead-off single "B Positive" (featuring Dave Koz on sax) is a story like no other. Rob explains, "As some of you may and some of you might not know, on top of this pandemic and its hardships, my family faced a life altering tragedy last summer when my beautiful wife was violently attacked in late July 2020 while out for a short evening walk near our home. She was left for dead in a creek bed in a forest a block from our home. By nothing short of many divine and blessed miracles, she was found the next morning barely clinging to life with a list of severe injuries beyond comprehension. The incredible news is after being in a coma, undergoing surgeries, and two months in the ICU at St. Michaels hospital and at UHN brain trauma rehab center in Toronto, she arrived home in the fall to begin her journey of recovery and healing. Kimpossible is a true living miracle and my new radio single BPositive is a song about her blood type. Upon arrival at the hospital after she was airlifted there, I was faced with a barrage of questions by the attending trauma team with one being Kimberley’s blood type for a potential transfusion, which in that moment of shock I did not know. I broke down in tears not knowing and felt so bad. Later that night a nurse told me her blood type was B Positive, and I said “Of course it is, what else could it be”. So upon getting home, I reached out to my bandmates and personal friend, multi-Grammy nominated saxophonist, Dave Koz, and asked if they would play on this special tune I was writing for Kimpossible as I now call her."

"B Positive" is just that - an upbeat, groovy song guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And bonus time: there is also a vocal version tagged on to the end of the record. Same with "Walk It Like You Talk It," another new track featuring Roberto Valley (The Chicken) on bass. I love these sweet vocals! 

Rob is such a popular guy, this album is chock full or uber-talented special guests - Vincent Ingala, Walle Larsson, Paul Brown, Phil Denny, Darren Rahn and Jaared! But I gotta tell you, the songs that really delight me are the old chestnuts featuring Rob's producer and good friend, Davor Jordanovski, and Smooth Jazz sax winner, Carson Freeman. "Smoothy" is a standout and "That's A Strut" has always been dear to my heart. 

A lovely little addition To Diversity 2 is "Christmas Morning" with Warren Hill. Perfect for any morning, really.

Diversity is Rob's 7th release and the 4-volume compilation (in his various musical styles) features new material and re-mastered songs from all his past six recordings - sure to delight any fan of smooth groove. Volumes 3 and 4 will be out by the end of the year and I am excited!

In the wake of unimaginable Adversity, Diversity is a musical testament to big talent, a big heart and really big positivity!  Rob, I couldn't be more proud of you. You and Kimpossible are an inspiration to us all.

Vickie van Dyke

Morning Host

Don't forget the Kim Black Virtual Walk/Run happens this Sunday - Mother's Day - May 9.  https://wave.fm/index.php/events/wave-events/eventdetail/598/-/kimberly-black-5k-walk-run

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