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The Tears of Hercules

He is 77 years old. 

I am not kidding. 

This fact boggles my mind. Because Rod Stewart is such a force of nature, eternally youthful and full of so much swagger, you just keep thinking he's 45.  A 45 year old blonde who still want to have more fun.

More fun indeed. His new album, The Tears of Hercules, is yet another testament to not only his staying power but also his always energetic push forward

The leadoff single - "One More Time" - is a foot-stomping ode to friendship and the pursuit of pleasure, sung in that raspy, sexy style unique to Sir Rod. "Some Kind of Wonderful" sounds like it was written for Rod and no one else, performed with enough rock and roll chutzpah to keep those tight pants grooving. "Born To Boogie" (a tribute to Marc Bolan) suggests that Mr. Stewart was born to do just that, and all night long!  And then there's "Kookooarmabama", a crazy, goofy, nutball of a ditty that proves conclusively that this iconic entertainer still has a huge sense of humour.

So now let's talk about the title track, "The Tears of Hercules". Written by Marc Jordan and Stephan Moccio and made famous in Canada by both Marc and Alfie Zappacosta. I love this song so much that many years ago I decided to sing it with my little jazz trio. I couldn't find the chords anywhere, so I emailed Marc and he had Stephan send me the sheet music. I still have it and it is one of my most precious possessions. Rod puts a Celtic spin on this masterpiece (yes - bagpipes!), only adding to the poignancy and drama. He really does make this song his own.

This is the 31st studio album for Sir Rod, showcasing both his adorable sense of rapscallion mischief and his eternal lust for love in all its many forms. He may be an icon, a knight and a joker but he is also just a man with a song which he needs to sing.  A few decades ago, he chose the Marc Jordan song, "Rhythm of My Heart", and turned it into a monster hit. I truly hope he does the same with "The Tears of Hercules."

And I do hope that Marc is hard at work, writing the next big hit for Rod Stewart. You know, something he can record when he's 80!

Vickie van Dyke
Morning Host

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