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Diversity Volume 3 - Nylon String Energy

 We are so very fortunate in the world of smooth groove that so many instrumentalists bring such passion and perseverance to their musical projects. And if there were only two words to describe Rob Tardik, passion and perseverance would win.

We all know Rob as the 2010 Guitarist of the Year at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. But that now seems light-years away. Rob has pushed boundaries, opened fresh musical envelopes and perfected a style so unique and engaging you wonder if there's anything this boy can't do on the guitar! This is why the Diversity collection is so perfect. This  4-volume compilation in all his various musical styles, featuring both new material and re-mastered songs from his past six recordings, paints a truly vivid portrait of Rob's vast talents. Volume 1 was Smooth and Chill. Volume 2 featured Contemporary Funky Jazz. And now we welcome Volume 3 - Nylon String Energy.

The lead-off single, "Brilla Brillante" (Shine Bright), is Latin-infused flamenco on fire, with a sexy, raw edge that is riveting. "KimBachata" is the other new track, a sensually sophisticated samba written for his wife, Kimberley. And there is so much more. Nylon String Energy also features some remastered nuggets like "Sip & Salsa", "Hope", "A World Apart" and "One World" (with the unmistakable Steve Oliver). These (and many more) are all sublime additions to this third volume of masterful guitar energy.

The thing I love the most about Rob is that he is always stretching, adapting, learning and charting new territory. And now he is doing it with his wife! Coming to Flato Markham Theatre in June, get ready to be inspired and entertained with "Take Your Power Back". The evening will feature Kimberley's miraculous story of her survival after an attempted murder in the midst of the pandemic. It will joyfully promote the beauty of humanity in times of crisis. Set to new music by Rob and complemented by dance performances and Kim's own words, the audience will truly be inspired to take back power. And knowing Rob's passion for playing, my guess is the audience will also be inspired to dance. 

Nylon String Energy is the exact energy we need after a long, dark winter. Spring is the air and we are all ready to heat things up!

And then there will be summer and Volume 4 - Guitar Aficionados. 

I can hardly wait!

Vickie van Dyke

(Morning Host)

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Thu May 30 @ 6:30PM - 11:00PM

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