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Over my (almost) 23 years of playing smooth groove music on radio, I've got to know many artists personally and many more via social media and emails. I became a huge fan of Lindsey Webster, the minute she popped onto my radar. Her voice is as smooth as it gets; fluid, rich, sultry and never histrionic. She's got chops (and then some) but she never over-sings. This girl knows exactly where the pocket is and she just floats into it like a sensual mermaid, gliding in the sea. 

Keith Slattery has been a big part of Lindsey' musical evolution since the beginning, from co-writing and producing, to sparkling keyboard work, to touring with her, to being her husband. Um ... that would now be ex-husband.

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly saw Miss Webster cavorting with some other dude on her socials! I was shocked! I was aghast! I have communicated with Keith several times and I was distraught for the poor man.

Okay, the truth is I have no idea what happened in their marriage nor is it any of my business. I will say I was beyond delighted when I read these words on Lindsey's website: “I could not have done this album with anyone else. Keith is an amazing example of understanding and compassion. First and foremost, Keith and I were friends before anything. Then we became musical partners. Then we became romantically involved. We spent all those years creating something amazing together. I can say that with Keith’s guidance and wisdom, I have become a better person.”

Wow. No wonder these two continue to make brilliant music together. 

reasons (yes, all lower case) is a rich tapestry of slow jam contemporary groove, with each song weaving a compelling lyrical tale into a mesmerizing musical moment.

"Stay With Me" (featuring Randy Brecker and Kev Choice) mixes a little bit of melodic rap into this sizzling slow-burner. There is also a soul jazz mix (minus the rap), probably my favourite track on the record.

"I Didn't Mean It" (with Brian Culbertson) showcases not only Lindsey's sultry vocals but Brian's finesse on trombone (yes, I used trombone and finesse in the same sentence!).  What a delightful combination.

Nathan East makes a guest appearance on "Love of Your Life", highlighted by a somewhat space-age intro and feathery-soft vocals from Miss Webster.

And check out "4am" (that's the name of the song) - just a wee snippet of a lullaby with the most intriguing lyrics: "After all the things you learned, are you going to change?". You really do feel like Lindsey is just chatting with you, one friend to another. Intimate. Close. Absolutely real. 

She was named billboard's Artist of the Year in 2016 and 2017 and Lindsey Webster made history in 2016 with her original "Fool Me Once", the first vocal-driven #1 song to top the billboard Contemporary Jazz chart since Sade's "Soldier of Love" in 2010. And she beat Sade's three-week run at #1 with a four-week stay at the top of the charts.

She states, "I always want to be a light and positive energy for people…and for myself.” With her unique blend of R&B, Pop, Rock, and Jazz coupled with her exceptional vocal range, Lindsey Webster (with help from Keith) continues her quest to be queen of the slow jam, casting her hauntingly magical and harmonious spell. 

There are many "reasons" to love this new album. Breathtaking vocals. Musical brilliance. Sultry vibes. Stellar guests. Sensual songs.

The biggest reason though is that it is just really damn good.

Vickie van Dyke

(midday host)

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