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Remember "Never Gonna Give you Up? Of course you do. I'm sure you can still see yourself on the dance floor under the disco ball, busting your best moves!  Rick Astley's iconic hit has been part of our life soundtrack since 1988. And now, with a brand new album "Are We There Yet?" Mr. Astley is back!

Kicking things off with "Never Gonna Stop," Rick reminds us instantly why he became a major international superstar in the first place. His voice is electric, gutsy and grooving. His seasoned energy is unmistakable and the song's production is on fire!

"Forever and More" brings on a bluesy vibe perfect for Rick's vibrant voice. "Take Me Back To Your Place" rocks a retro sensuality augmented by pulsating rhythm. Rick says, "I used to go to soul nights because I loved dancing, and so did my friends, and we loved the music. We used to go listen to black American soul." That love is evident on every track. This Englishman immerses himself in solid, sophisticated soul. "Blue Sky" wraps up the collection with an intimacy that can only be born of years. Years, experience, pain and resolve. Very Leonard Cohen-esque! 

"My success set me up for life, and it meant that I could retire from the music industry at 27 to spend time with my newborn daughter and my wife. My time away from the spotlight allowed me to rediscover my love for music, and I'm doing it for me now and no one else."

Well, Mr. Astley, you may be doing it for you but I can assure you you are also doing it for us, your longtime fans. Are we there yet? We never left, my friend. We've just been here, waiting for you to come back with more mighty and memorable music. And now that you have, please tell us You're Never Gonna Stop!


Vickie van Dyke

Midday Host 

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