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We at Durham Radio Inc. have applied for a new FM license to broadcast The Wave on 98.3FM in the heart of Vancouver, Canada’s second largest English-speaking market and a perfect backdrop for Canada’s Smoothest Groove! 

Our application was publicly posted Monday, March 22nd on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s site (CRTC).  In order to be successful, we now need HUGE public support, especially from our Wave family!  We hope you will add your own letter of support, documenting your past experiences with The Wave and with us personally, emphasizing our commitment to our artists, especially our Canadian vocalists and instrumentalists. If you have a personal story that will illustrate the impact the Wave has had on your life, we would so appreciate your sharing it with the Commission.

Please begin your letter with a clear statement of support for our application. Then explain why you think that our “Smooth Groove” format would be a welcome addition to the Vancouver market. You may have some thoughts beyond the obvious arguments that we’ll be adding diversity of choice for listeners and a new fresh sound, primarily from artists who do not get played on any other stations in Canada. Our dedication to live music around town and major show production will of course continue, once attending concerts is allowed again!

Following the format rules outlined below is very important.  See the attached “template” to get you started. Please add your own supportive comments and send as soon as possible, to ensure your letter is received in time to post on the CRTC site.   If you could file before April 15th, we would be most appreciative. You can do this online. Or even by Fax, if you have that option.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts to make “Vancouver’s Smoothest Groove” a reality!  Our West Coast Wave will play an even balance of instrumental and vocal music and will be 40% Canadian in content! We are eager to get all our Wave artists back on FM radio in Canada and introduced to so many new fans. 

With your help, we hope to be able to report on a favourable CRTC decision by late summer.

Thank you,

Mary and Doug Kirk


Letter Template (for artists/music industry)

Letter Template (for listeners)


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